Trade Centre Fails!

Now normally we blog about certain aspects like Top 10 items, wish lists and things what offer advice, however today’s blog is about a Car shop company in Wales.

Buying a car is probably the 2nd biggest purchase we make in a lifetime (1st is the house), so my story begins, we brought a new car from Trade Centre we purchased a Toyota with a cost of £5,000 plus we paid an extra £1,000 for their extended warranty through RAC. We drive away in 3 hours as opposed to the 1 hour drive away time they say on all their radio, TV and posters dotted around their showroom. We get the car home and the car starts over-revving now I’m no mechanic and certainly not what you call a heavy footed driver by any means of the word.

Naturally I called their “After Sales” support team, who I spoke to a young lady and explained the issue, she said we can’t book this in for at least a week? And I said well how would I have a car for work and things until then – to cut the story short, I demdanded to speak to a manager, they put me through to a Business Sales Manager (now I’m not one to back down lightly) so armed with my terms and (my gob) I started to rant and rave and said I am rejecting the car under the basis there is a fault, and to my face (well over the phone) he called me a liar saying nothing is wrong with the car, also said there is nothing wrong with the car, your stuck with it. I have never been so insulted by a company! So much for the customer being right! How on earth does he know the car works fine, must be telepathic or something clever manager!

I am due to be taking the car back next week so they can “check” this for me and I will update once I know more.

In the meantime I urge everyone who comes across their showrooms as they have 3 in wales all with well over 1000 cars at each place to be cautious with them! They give you the lovely sales speech and then say they offer a no quibble gaurantee well I’ll tell you now I have been quibbling for the last few hours, bearing mind I’ve had the car for 2 days (purchased on 10th March)

One thing is certain their Sales team must be raking in the commission as they offer no returns under any circumstances, might aswell advertise as ‘Sold As Seen’.

To Be Continued – next week once the car goes back and I’ll update.


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