Top Birthday Partie IDEAS

Have you got a party coming up that you need to organise? We are going to give you our Top 10 Party Ideas’s to give you some food for thought!

Whether your planning your party for a work colleague, family member or old school friend – Puffy has got your covered.

We will be exploring the coolest and weirdest of party idea’s, we love thinking outside the box!

Let’s take it away… 

1) Hogwarts Party

It takes a lot of wizardry to pull something like this off! You really can be as creative as you want here, why not turn your front door into the entrace of Platform 9 and 3/4? Then you can decorate the house with all sorts of different Harry Potter memorabilia. If you love Harry Potter – then thens ones for you.

2) Movie Party

Be the star of the action! With this funky themed party idea, why not use popcorn packgaing and add goodies in like sweets, chocolate, lollies etc? Throw on your kids favourite movie in your living room, backyard, or in a rented theatre. You can order movie-themed printables — inluding invitations, tags, bottle wrappers, film strips, popcorn boxes, welcome signs, banners and lots more to complete the scene, then why not hand out ‘Thumbs up and down’ so then the kiddies can rate how the film was?

3) PhotoBooth Party

Why not hire a PhotoBooth for your party? A lot of these already come with funny little masks and props, so all is needed is YOU and your cheeky pose! This can make for a fun filled party with laughter and cheers all around, Even get the grown-ups in on the action! Dependent on location, the cost to hire a PhotoBooth varies between £100-£200 for the day.

4) Outdoor, Inflatable DISCO

Why not hire this portable, inflatable Disco Dome? Your children will love this, with the music and lights they will just want to party all day/night! The cost of this is around £100 for 3 hours rental. This really is a bouncy castle with D-I-S-C-O written all over it! 

5) BLACK and White

Mimic Truman Capote’s famous black and white ball which took place in 1966, and have your guests only wear black and white, party in style and sophistication.

6) KARAOKE Party

Dig out your Karaoke machine, and invite your guests for a singing party you won’t forget in a hurry! Just make sure you got plenty of drinks to hand for you and guests, so they get the confidence to sing ‘All the single ladies’ infront of you all! 


Setup your Poker chips, card and dice, then why not add some drinks and some casino themed food to the mix too? Then your all set to have this gamblers heaven themed party!


Grab your Monopoly, Twister, Checkers, Connect 4, Buckaroo’s (you get the idea) and set these up, then invite round your guests and enjoy this old time classic! Game night in – enjoy


Why don’t you and your guests dress up from your loveable, inspiring 90’s hero! How about someone from Babylon 5? OR baywatch?


Make the most of the outdoors just buy some Burgers, Sausages, Chicken, Kebabs and some drink and pasta’s and salads and your good to go! Enjoy a summers evening in the company of friends, family and all sit down and have a drink and enjoy the freshly cooked food from the Barbi!

So there we have our Top 10 Party Idea’s we hope we have given you some inspiration for your own parties! Enjoy the night you put together!

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