Top 10 scariest places – ENTER if you dare!

Everyone loves a chill today, the spine tiggling sort of scare (you know what we mean?) And its surprising to think you really don’t have to travel far to see some really spooky and scary places in both the UK and beyond, introducing Puffys Top 10 scariest places to visit, so if you got the guts, the stamina and the balls you will be in for a right scary, terrifying treat – dare you enter?

Whether you believe in Paranormal or not, the following places are sure to test your judgement on ‘Do Ghosts actually exist’ – If you visit these places your hairs on the back of your neck will stand up, and your body will shiver as the tingles from the atmosphere suffocate you into a scared state of mind.

Enough of the introduction, lets introduce our Top 10 scariest places, in the UK and beyond – Enjoy.

1) Pluckley, Kent, England 

Pluckley is often known as a haunted and scary village of Britain. It is situated close to Ashford in Kent. It is said that numerous ghosts keep on wandering the area during the night time. Even some of the people from nearby town and villages have claimed that they hear the loud voice of cries in different parts of the night. The government has restricted this area for tourists, but still ghost hunters are allowed here.

2) The Island Of The Dolls, Mexico

The island of dolls, situated in Xochimilco district Mexico contains the forests where the trees originate with dolls’ heads. It has become a natural process that the dolls’ heads originate from the shrubs and roots of the trees. It is said that a little girl died in this island and her dead body was found in the nearby canal. It is her soul which creates those doll heads naturally from the trees and even when one cuts the trees, the new trees that grow still have the dolls heads contained within them.

3) Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Castle sits on a site with human activity dating to the Iron Age, it’s NO wonder that this castle has gathered a few supernatural residents.  Commonly reported sightings include former servants of the castle, a drummer boy – without his head – and a man who died in the castle tunnels.

4) Old Changi Hospital, Changi, Japan

Operating back in the 1930’s, this hospital was closed during the Japanese during World War II and turned into a prison and torture facility for the Japanese Secret Police.  Many sightings have been here and seen, such as men and women wandering down halls and through rooms and halls of the building, children, and bloody Japanese soldiers. Some of the more prominent areas of the old hospital that was famous for hauntings include the old mortuary which has since been demolished, the operating theatre and the old hospital’s Accident-and-Emergency (A&E) building located below the hill from where the main hospital is located at and has been demolished already.

5) Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland

Hauntings here have been reported as far back as the 17th century, making this one of the most enduringly haunted places in the world.  The Area is composed of a series of underground streets and tunnels that led to various businesses and homes in the 16th and 17th centuries.  After plague broke out here it was abandoned, but apparently many spirits of plague victims and past residents still remain.  Footsteps that seem to follow close behind are often heard, as well as disembodied voices and various apparitions, including a little girl named Annie – spooky stuff!

6) Hell Fire Club, Montpelier Hill, Dublin, Ireland

Used by the Irish Hell Fire Club dating back to the  early 18th century, this former hunting lodge was used for various satanic rituals, including black masses and animal sacrifices.  Its use by the club diminished after a mysterious fire.  It is said to be haunted by former members of the club as well as being the domain of the devil.

7) The Skirrid Inn, Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales

The site of numerous hangings over the years, The inn in Wales has a great deal of paranormal activity.  Objects are suddenly thrown across rooms, apparitions are seen, and extreme drops in temperature are felt, along with the sensation of a noose slipping around the neck, enter if you dare.

8) The Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California, USA

Once an ocean liner and now a permanently harboured hotel in California, the Queen Mary has been named one of the country’s most haunted hotels, and taking into account its bevy of ghosts, it’s not hard to see why.  Two different women drowned in the ship’s first class pool, and now their ghosts are often seen in this vacinity of the ship/hotel.  Various apparitions have been seen throughout the bar and lounge areas of the ship, most in period dresses.  One particular room, B340,has  displayed a great deal of activity, but is now no longer available. Why do you think this is?

9) Aradale Mental Hospital, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

In operation for over 130 years, this mental institution housed some of worst mental cases in Britain and was known in its early years for inhumane psychiatric treatments and experiments. Thousands died here, and many of them are still there, lurking and haunting the place and the grounds.  Various apparitions have been reported, some of which watch people as they run around the extensive grounds and building.  The feeling of being touched as well as sudden sensations of pain are also reported from visitors.

10) Paris Catatombs, Paris, France

Containing the bones of thousands of people, these catacombs were never meant to have the  human remains inside them.  Due to overcrowded cemeteries in the 18th century, many remains were relocated to the spiralling tunnels underneath the city.  While the bones are laid out in artistic arrangements, stories have been heard of discontented spirits.  Many people have reported seeing apparitions as well as being touched, shoved, and that some people have disappeared within the catacombs altogether and never to be seen again.

So that’s our scariest places in the world, we would love to hear your ghost and goul stories, why not leave a comment on this blog. We hope if you are considering going to any of the above said places, be careful and take a camera – the footage will be amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this read.







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