Top 10 Money Saving Tips!

At Puffypenguin, we LOVE giving our readers the most helpful Hints & Tips, This blog is about saving you money – afterall, we love to have extra cash in the bank right?

With debt levels at an all time high, people are crunching their numbers and thinking of ways to get more money, these days it feels like there more month than money! Sound familiar, thats why we are here to help, introducing our Top 10 Money Saving Tips

1) Say NO to higher phone bills! – Whether you are looking for various companies to contact, or mearly need a contact number for your existing supplier, stop using things like 118 118 and start using ‘SayNoTo0870’ – this service is FREE to use, Say no to 0870. Named NationalCall, numbers beginning in 0870 are actually more like premium rates, costing up to 6p/minute. And these are the numbers alot of companies, why pay to be on hold? With SayNoTo0870 you can call it for FREE (comes off your standard tarriff minutes allowance).

2) You have probably heard this alot from almost everywhere, but in actual fact this is completely TRUE, did you know you can save up to £400 a year by simply switching your energy company, even if you didn’t want to switch from the Supplier you are with, why not call them up and make sure you are on the most suitable, and cheapest tarriff possible for your household, What alot of people don’t realise when these energy companies bring out these so called ‘Newer, Smarter’ Tarrifs they keep you on their old, high costing ones (how nice of them aye!) Beat the suppliers, and just simply ASK you may have a shock (Of the Good Kind of course!)

3) If you have to use the car work, personal or Social visits, why not do a Petrol Comparison check? You could be saving alot if your filling up your tank to full, take a look now and see how much you could save. Click here

4) Cinema Anyone? And what goes hand in hand with the Cinema, that’s right Popcorn, did you know Cinema Chains charge on average £4-5 for an average size of the stuff! Just think if its your family who’s having a day/night out at the cinema thats going to cost anything up to £20 for a family of 4, why not pop into the local cornershop or supermarket and prebuy it, an instant saving thats so simple.

5) Forget eating out on your lunchbreak at work, school, Uni or college, simply prepare the day or a few hours before you leave the house!, The quick ‘Grab & Go’ meals in various shops and supermarkets are around £4 that’s £24 a week for a standard 5 day week! Cut this in more than half and make pack lunch, that way you know what your eating, you control what you want and you save the money in your bank, WIN-Win?

6) Got some old stuff laying about the house, you know like old DVDs, CDs, Books, Furniture, Lamps the lists are endless, why not turn your ‘Junk’ into someones else’s treasure and sell up and make some money! Websites like Gumtree , eBay, MusicMagpie and Mazuma can all get your stuff sold quickly, so make your house cleaner and get paid for tipping your unwanted goods!

7) GET SOCIAL – Follow your favourite retailers, and look out for their amazing online deals, price cuts and special offers, not only will you save money,but you will be first in the know too!

8) Ready to go shopping? – Before you head off to the Big retailers, why not check out MySupermarket they compare the prices of the likes of Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Waitrose and Aldi & Lidl.

9) Next time your looking for your family days out, check out sites like Groupon, Hotdeals & Wowcher – they always have money saving trips and events, and you can even get some for up to 50% off the standard price! Pretty savey right!?

10) Looking to get away? Before you book your flights why not try sites like; SkyScanner, Kayak, CheapFlights – you can literally save as much as 40-60% off standard flight prices, Top Tip: Remember to delete your cookies after you have looked at these websites, because when you look multiple times the price jumps up!

So there you have Puffy’s top 10 money saving tips, we hope this has helped you!

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