Puffy’s guide to Biking in the Outback

Why not take the world by 2 wheels, and explore the outback like you never have before, feel the adrenaline rush as you whiz through beautiful backdrops, picturesque scenery and breath-taking views to say the least, this blog is about what you need and what goes well for a Biking experience you wont forget in a hurry! Our friends at BikeBandit have all the supplies you could possibly need (and more) to really get the best out of your Biking adventure. So lets take this step by step and see what is required and most importantly what Puffy suggests to give you the best experience of Biking in the outback.

First things first;

Obviously you would already have your either Shiny or not so shiny bike ready to take for a spin, (if you don’t you can’t really ride around on a Tyre can you)

Next up Tyres (unless you want one, then Tyre)

Tyres – Now it goes without saying the more money you invest the better brand you can buy, as we know there are literally 100s of choices of Tyres out there some of the best we think are; Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Shinko, Michellin and Metzeler, check out the full range at – http://www.bikebandit.com/tires-tubes/motorcycle-tires/t11 and http://www.bikebandit.com/tires-tubes/pirelli-motorcycle-tires/t11nf3ug

If you don’t know what your looking for with Tyre selection (threads, brands, sizes) the team at BikeBandit will be sure to help you – after all they are the Bikers Knowhow team.

Look the Part 

OK so the Tyres are sorted (TICK), next we have to actually look like we are true bikers, introducing the bikers wear, things like Helmets, Boots, Armour, Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Elbow and Skin Guards, Rain Suites, Vests the list is pretty extensive to say the least, and you can get all this at – http://www.bikebandit.com/riding-gear-and-accessories

Pick the Back Drop

Right, OK so we got the Bike sorted and I must say its looking good! Plus you now look like a true biker, now we need to burn some rubber, Location is everything here, pick somewhere like Route 66, a perfect route to get your heart racing, the wind in your hair and that ever so cheeky grin on your face as you accelerate through the beauty!

Shades wouldn’t go a miss!

Last thing, but certainly not least, get your shades on and bike away into the sunset!

What are you waiting for

We are so ready for this, and your now well equipped, thanks to the guys (and gals) at www.bikebandit.com you picked your perfect route, now just get some petrol (if you need it) and go explore the great outback.

About Bike & Bandit

So we have focused on the company BikeBandit purely because they really are our preferred partner with all things todo with Motorbikes, they offer a vast range of well everything involving the Motorbikes, from riding, to maintenance to replacements and after market parts – they got you covered. They also offer a 60 day refund policy on all their products, so you really have nothing to lose do you? As it says on the Tin (Well there website, a tin would be kinda hard to put online now wouldn’t it!) ‘You Pick ‘Em, We Ship ‘Em’ – something the great team live upto each and everyday.

They can help you whether your a true, biker (beard and shades, you know the type?) or just starting out with this fun, hobby.

Trust, Try and be wowed by BikeBandit, they really have got your covered for all your biking needs, plus they offer their customers a Top Notch Service (now that’s something not to be sniffed at)

Happy Biking!





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