Puffy’s driving tips!

If like me you drive (let’s face it most of us do) you all know the day to day gripes of driving, like people cutting you up left right and centre you know what I mean? Or the miserable, rainy days and everyone drives at like 100mph just to get where they need to be faster! (Ok admiditly I probably do the same, and I’m sure most of our readers do too).

I wanted to home in on the modern day gripes of driving, and of course how to drive safely, now no I’m not saying I work for the DVLA because I don’t, but I like to add my own take on the driving miseries about, and most importantly if you are a “Good driver” of course you are (we would all say) because no one really faults their driving abilities do we? Every mistake made on the road is the other road users fault – FACT.

Follow these top 8 tips and see if any have relevance to you:

1) Let’s ride that clutch! – OK I think everyone does this (me included) this wears down the lifespan of the clutch, and makes the car speed up before you break. Maybe lets only use the clutch when we actually need to you know like changing gears?

2) I like that Cars bumper! – Don’t you love when other cars are right up the back end of yours? Now now drivers as the Standards agency states make sure you can see the cars infronts 2 back tyres, obviously being to close could cause a crash, not good.

3) Wet & Wild Driving – I’ve already touched on this point slightly, but the everyday / rainy day rage of some drivers, we all know when it’s wet the roads are also wet meaning less grip for the tyres and slower reaction times for breaks, trust the science it will help!

4) My break lights are pretty! – We all know these types of drivers, who love to slam on the breaks well for no apparent reason, my advice check mirrors before you break, simple really.

5) Ooh what’s that!? – We as drivers really need to concentrate more, like it’s an offence now to use / look at your phone or device whilst driving. Remember there’s not much room for error when your driving a potential 4 wheeled (or 3 if you got a 3 wheeler) killing machine.

6) Your windscreen isn’t a shop window! – Where do we start with this one, you have 3 types of drivers who all in turn drive in a lets say unique way whilst holding the wheel, you have the Windscreen Watcher (the ones who cling on to the wheel and looks like there going to headbutt their own windscreen), the layed back kind (the ones who have their chair slanted, 1 hand on the wheel and normally wears a cap) and then Mr and Mrs sensible (how we should, as in 15cm-25cm away from the wheel, sitting straight etc) with the 2 obviously wrong techniques, just think if and crash were to happen your Airbag would quite literally fistpump 👊 you in the face ouch!

7) The car papparazzi people – OK, now this is my absolute bug bare of being on the roads, I’ll just set the scene, so your driving along (all happy, blaring good old 90s music 🎶) and your going 70mph (well done you), and then out of nowhere you get a car right up the back of you, flashing their full beams at you, now you have 2 options do you either; Drive slower and annoy the person behind (haha), or do you pull into the next lane across from where you was, and then a few seconds later that said car would overtake and then undertake, don’t use your full beams at other drivers, it can dazzle the user (they are bright).

8) Beep, beep slow coach – Don’t you just love those drivers who drive like 20mph in a 50mph zone! The roads would be such a happier place without the Tractor wanna be’s! Speed up, the speed limit is there for a reason I know fuel is expensive these days but there’s better ways to save it!!

So that brings us to the end of my moaning and groaning of daily drivers, but let’s see go down this list and think “how many do I actually do myself” – we all think we are brilliant drivers, but sometimes we have to think what we are doing.

I hope you enjoyed this read.

– Puffy

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