Puffy’s camping essentials ⛺️

Hey readers, so we decided to pack up the tent (well our green tipi) as you see pictured and headed off for a few nights under the stars, we love just getting away from civilisation and breaking free, we at Puffy encourages all to explore the outdoors more so when the weather is looking good.

Roll on the essentials! Everyone has to pickup and pack up daily essentials when braving the elements outdoors but what should one include on this expedition? See below to see our “Camping Must Haves”.

SLEEPING: (Recharge your Body)

-Tent, Pegs, Guy ropes

– Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Blanket

– Air Mattress, Roll Matt

– Ground Sheet

– Mallet

EATING: (Eating = Your Fuel)

– Cooker, Stove, BBQ

– Matches

– Pots, Pans, Cutlery, Cups, Plates

– Cooling Box

– Bottled Gas or Charcoal

– Tin opener, Bottle opener, Cork Screw

– Food & Drink Supplies

– Thermos Flask

– Bin Bags

– Washing Bowl

– Dish Clothes, Tea Towels

– Kitchen Towels, Napkins

HYGEINE: (Just because your camping you still need to look GOOD)

– Soap, Shampoo, Shower Gel

– Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Mouthwash

– Towels

– Deodorant, Cologne, aftershave etc.

– Toilet Paper (A MUST)

CLOTHING: (Get your swagg on!)

– Warm Clothes

– Cool Clothes

– Waterproofs

– Boots, Wellies or Walking Shoes

– Flip Flops, Crocs (for the commute to the shower)

– Beachwear

– Hat, Mitts, Gloves

OTHER: (Useful things you need)

– Torch, lantern preferably LED

– Camera

– Fully charged Mobile Phone

– Toys, Books, Games, CD Player, Puzzles

– First Aid kit (plasters, bandages, antiseptics, other pan relief meds)

– Spare Batteries, Charger (car adapter)

– Backpack, Rucksack, Hold-all

– Paractemol

– Suntan Lotion (incase its HOT)

– Foldable Chairs, Tables (outdoor furniture)

– Spare Rope, Pegs (just incase)

– Map & Compass

By taking all of the above you, your friends and family will have a pleasant, enjoyable camping experience. Just bare in mind the location of where you gonna pitch up (not a dessert please)

just remember when planning your camping getaway check the area first, and always remember safety – paramount. Best advice is to camp in accredited camping sites with secure access or quiet, tranquil outdoors where no one would disturb the peace.

Finally.. ENJOY your camping trip, and gaze at the stars as you lay down.


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