About Puffy

Welcome to PuffyPenguin,

We aren’t your standard Blog website, we  provide our readers with a Creative, Personal Approach on all things that matter!

Where did PuffyPenguin Begin?

Quiet simply, I woke up one day and wanted to make a big dent on the Bloggers world online, as I enjoy reading and writing as part of my hobby, we also own – www.innocentcv.co.uk which is a Professional Writing & CV Company

So we started creating our website, and blogged in general, time went by and then our Twitter Followers went up, and we had masses of traffic each and everyday, and from Worldwide readers!

This is what kept me writingbecause I knew that I did have readers who kept coming back – so I thought I must be doing something Right, since then we have seen a Boom in PuffyPenguin.

We then found our niche of Helpful Hints & Tips this has proven to be very popular by our readers!

10 is the MAGIC number! – Follow us for the top 10 lists of, well everything from Music, to films, to products, to fashion, to places, to food the list is endless, start making Puffy one of your Top 10 thing’s to do today.