30 Small Startup Business’s

Ever wanted to start your own business? Turning your favourite hoby into a real profitable company? More and more people these days are handing in their notices, and becoming their own bosses over night. Just think no more Monday to Friday 9 to 5 shift patterns or slogging yourself to get out of bed as you wait for the 8am train, no sir being your own boss allows people to spend more quality time with the family, work their own hours and reap the rewards after all it is your success.

The internet is a powerful tool in the eyes of business, and now with domains selling for as low as £1 you really can get yourself online in no time, with low capital to start up too.

As with other companies Puffy Penguin started off as a small business venture, and now we are growing in size and making more and more sister companies, although we love blogging here at Puffy we also like to see our venture grow afterall we are a business.

We hope this guide helps you, and thought we would give you some of the Top 30 small business startup idea’s to really get your creative juices flowing, so without further ado lets kick this off shall we?

1) Creative – Card Making Business:

Have a passion for cards? Are you a creative person? Then why not put your skills together and make a booming business, now where not saying your going to be a High Street brand, but people love the niche idea of personalised cards instead of the mass production of the standard cards sold everywhere! Take a look at www.innocentcards.co.uk for example they started off small and are now in the Medium bracket of online business’s.

2) Grab the Mop and Bucket – Cleaning Company:

Really simple to get into this field, all you need to do is be handy with a Mop, then market yourself on sites like Gumtree or Facebook to gain a customer base, then go to the clients houses, clean them as part of your agreement and word of mouth will soon spread. Another good tip to make more money you can say that the client can provide the cleaning equipment, so you literally would be getting paid for the task in hand and no further outlay to you.

3) Walkies – Dog Walking Company:

Love pets, want to do something in your spare time? Then this could be you, this is relatively simple start by popping up adverts in your local shop windows (honestly you will be surprised how many read these!) and wait for the calls, another key thing here I would say is that you apply for a DBS check so the dog owners have further trust in you as you would have undergone a Criminal Check (not essential mind).

4) Get Cutting – Mobile Hairdresser:

Many hairdressers dream of starting their hairdressing business, but due to the initial cost for rent of the Salon etc, there dreams simply dissapear and are soon forgotten, why not make yourself mobile? That way you have no Salon rent charges or running costs, all you would need to facture in would be Travel costs and the costs for your equipment and tools of the trade (dyes, shampoos, Clippers etc) Then sign up to a Social Networking website and spread the word, you’ll soon be building up a customer base in no time.

5) What a Bright Idea – Window Cleaning:

Everyone has windows (unless your in prison), a simple and easy start up business with very low capital to start, simply create a website or advert and post this about, customers will then contact you for quotes, just charge an honest, fair price, the beauty here if you do a good job, chances are the customers will invite you back in a month or so later to redo their windows, that way you have a good, solid customer base.

6) Work and Drive – Man with a Van:

Everyone needs assistance from time to time, with house moves, pickups for furniture, relocation the lists are endless, all you need is a Van a Man (or woman of course) and away you go just remeber to facture in your costs such as; the van, probably a Luton-style box van with a tail lift and that’s also the main expense. You’ll need public liability insurance (as is the case for all the businesses listed here). The ongoing costs include petrol, servicing, MOT, and repairs.

7) And the Highest Bidder Is.. – eBay Business:

Online shops like eBay and Amazon has made it easy for small business’s to sell Globally, if you want a piece of the global pie, then look no further bulk buy some products what you think will sell, do your market research, buy some envelopes and jiffybags and wait for your orders. Just remember both eBay and Amazon do charge fee’s to sell so be mindful with the amount they are asking per item/sale and adjust your prices so your not making a loss.

8) Say Cheeese – Freelancer Photographer:

Love taking snaps? Then this maybe for you, you can attend Weddings, Gigs, Festivals, vintage car rallies, the events market is HUGE, Make a jazzy website and market yourself through the likes of Social Media and adverts like Gumtree and Free Adds, just me mindful the starting cost could be expensive if you don’t already have the equipment; Starting from scratch would mean buying pro-quality cameras (around £2,000) lenses (£100-£1,000), tripods and lights but many photographers who set up their own businesses will already have acquired some of the equipment over time.

9) Wash below 40 – Mobile Laundry Company:

You’ll find lots of high rise apartments and flats do not have Washing Machines or Tumble Dryers, therefore you would step in, get some flyers printed and post them about, simple! You could even offer a delivery option to local laundrettes and agree a price your both happy with.

10) Watch them for a While.. – Child Minding:

More and more people are turning to people to watch their kids when they have other commitments that they need to attend, why not offer your services as a Childminder, Market yourself locally.

11) Just a lick of paint – Painter & Decorator Services:

Same applies as the cleaner business but simply use your creative skills and help the locals in need of home improvements, you will need to have insurance with this so be mindful of that.

12) Work in the Sun – Gardening Business:

Start off small like offering your services to a neighbour or family friend, then work your way up, the beauty with gardening is that the results show for themselves!

13) Get Creative with Writing – CV/Resume Expert:

All job seekers need help with their CVs, as you probably know from personal experience its pretty tough to write about yourself and sell yourself on paper, writing a CV for people really does help and is worth the cost. Sites like www.innocentcv.co.uk are exactly things to aim for.

14) Argh Needles – Tattoo Artists:

You can actually rent a ‘space’ in an existing Tattoo Parlour saving you both time and money to get started! Go along to your local tattooist and they’ll give you tips and advice about starting this up.

15) Change your Body – Body Piercing:

Same as the above Tattoo Artists simply rent a spot from a piercing studio.

16) Read the Small Print – Copywriter:

Freelance your services as a Copywriter, lots of Blogs and Websites need the content. Market yourself on Advert websites, create a snazzy website and see what happens.

17) Gathering Dust – B&B / Guesthouse Services:

Have a spare room? Why not rent it out to people, someone’s always looking for a place to get their heads down, from work contractors to people visiting your local area. This is great for raising extra cash.

18) Snaaap – Sell your Photo’s:

Most websites use stock images (photo’s they buy online to use on their own websites) Take a few photographs and upload them to stock imaging websites and wait for the orders to come in.

19) And breathe in… – Yoga Instructor:

Simply rent a space be it in a gym or small venue and run your own classes.

20) And unload.. – Carboot Sales:

Everyone loves attending these on the Rainy Sundays or early weekend morning, why not become part of it? And turn your unwanted stuff into pure cash!

21) And here we have the.. – Tour Guide Services:

If you live in a place that is infested with tourists, why not do your research into the area and create a theme and enough confidence to approach walkers passing by, you don’t even need to travel on Public Transport your feet will suffice!

22) Box it Up – Delivery Services:

If you got a van or bigger car, then all you need todo is make a flashy website and market yourself on Social Media and advertising websites (gumtree, free adds etc) and promote your services, then wait for your first delivery.

23) Sorry You can’t come in – Security Services:

Do you know how much you can actually make from a Contractor Security guard on the doors of nightclubs, its ALOT especially on weekends, all you need is a SIA License and some guts!

24) Hmmm – Mystery Shopper:

Being paid to shop- now thats the life! Sign up to various Mystery Shopper Sites and they will pay you for consignments in your area, pretty bulletproof really.

25) Ink it out – Printer Services:

Buy a good, stable printer and print until your hearts content! Simply sell to local business’s who require this service.

26) And tonight is.. – Voiceover Services:

Have a distinct voice or good with impressions, then get yourself noticed and sell your voice over services to various TV and Film Companies.

27) At the Car wash… – Carwasher:

Now with Summer approaching with longer in the sun, why not use your sparetime and drum up business, post out flyers or advertise on Social Media and adverts and get washing!

28) Where too Sir? – Chauffer:

Get to drive and be paid for it, register with UberLux and start as a driver.

29) Lets Partyyy – Event/Partner Organiser:

Make local events and wedding venues known of you for instant customer base.

30) Post here, Post there – Flyer Services:

Simply produce flyers for your customers, and delivery them all over, Lots of business already do this but charge a fortune to use their services, simply undercut them and watch the customers roll in!

So that’s the end of my list of 30 business ideas. Hopefully it’s helped you find some inspiration and realise that there’s so many great ideas out there and always a lot of scope to make money

Thanks for reading.


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