10 Crazy & Weird Ice Cream Flavours!

So Summers lurking just around the corner, the longer, hot days are almost among us. Every loves Ice Cream, and we at Puffy really do, from the 100s of different varities and tastes its so hard to try them all, thats why we have wrote this Summery blog of some of our favourite Ice Cream Flavours, some of the flavours featured in this blog may seem lets say a little weird, but as the famous saying goes ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’, so lets get the Ice Cream scoop out and lets create some truly amazing flavours inspired from all over the world, We have kept it short and sweet so 10 flavours seem sufficient.

Now forget your standard Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate – these flavours will seriously make you think ‘WHY’ and ‘EWW’ get ready!

1) Alaska – Fireweed & Honey

‘This bright Pink Plant is combined with Honey to create a sweet floral flavour’

2) Arizona – Sweet Corn Flavour

‘Turning Cornbread into a dessert, whoever said that Corn on the Cob was just a Summer treat!?’

3) Colorado – Goats Cheese Swirl

‘Roasted Beets compliment the Tangy, Creamy Goats Cheese really well indeed’

4) Florida – RED hot lover

‘Light Banana ice cream accompanied by red hot chillies, now this really is HOT and COLD’

5) Coronation Chicken

‘Jacob Kenedy, chef and founder of Italian gelato emporium Gelupo in London, created a coronation chicken-flavoured ice cream for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations’

6) Bacon Flavour

‘candied strips of bacon using brown sugar before blending them with cinnamon, vanilla and a splash of dark rum. Apparently his butcher loved it! Created by David Lebovitz’

7) Breast Milk – Baby GAGA

‘London ice cream shop The Icecreamists caused a stir when they started selling breast milk ice cream, entitled Baby Gaga. The controversial ice cream flavour was created using freshly-expressed breast milk donations from members of the public, blended with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

8) Crocodile Egg 

‘No we aren’t lying about this one, actually Crocodile Eggs! This unusual frozen treat has been introduced at the Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in Davo City, Philippines, where they get the fresh eggs from the local Crocodile park’

9) Beer Ice Cream – Have your Beer and Eat it (Literally!)

‘Youll never look at Beer in the same way again’

10) Octopus Ice Cream

‘Developed from Japan, this crazy Eel ice cream with a type of Japanese pepper. Chicken wing ice cream, which apparently tastes like vanilla… and chicken wings. Octopus with soy sauce ice cream’

There you have it the weird and wonderful variations of Ice Creams, so now just remeber when your tucking into your simple Vanilla or Chocolate flavours just have a think what else is lurking about all over the globe.

Hope you enjoyed this read.





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